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Take a Moment Candles 6 Pack

Take a Moment Candles 6 Pack

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In times of stress our adult brain can often revert back to that reptilian brain, especially if we did not have support in our younger years.

We can though, teach ourselves to stop in times of stress, to take a moment before we react, to breathe, to concentrate on what is important and let go what is not important.

When I started out with the vision of selling my candles it was to share using candles and candle light as a way to take a moment, to become grounded within ourselves, within our families, within our communities.

I have created these small packs of Take a Moment Candles, for times we may need to reset ourselves. They burn for just over an hour, and are a great way to start out creating that Take a Moment ritual.

Height 9cm Width 1cm

Burn time is roughly just over 1 hour.

Bonus these candles fit perfectly into the brass holders for the Grimms celebration rings.  


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